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Ian Jopson - 15 years of fighting to ease the suffering of children living in extreme poverty



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After a short pause to allow AIDSWalk walkers to collect without me infringing on their possible gain I'm back for a short while to continue this effort

I'm reaching out to you again this year to ask for assistance, even though many of these kids are finally able to access treatment, the success of that medication relies on us being able to provide adequate relief from the other effects of living in extreme abject poverty, clean water, enough food, a roof over your head, safety from sexual predators, a pair of shoes or a school book.  All the things that we take for granted to get through a day, these children need... and we can help provide with even the smallest gift.

Once again this year I am holding my alternate AIDS Walk campaign directly through 'Arms Around A Child'  so that 100% of these funds will be donated to my two organizations of choice - Operation Bobbibear and the Ikageng AIDS Ministry.

Operation BobbiBears needs our help to provide these services to a country where 50 children are raped every day.... Bobbi bears provides HIV medication where applicable, they house and protect children who need to be removed from dangerous living situations, they assist the police making sure that perpetrators are prosecuted and they have recently begun a program to train Child Safety officers to work with the police in regions they cannot reach personally.


Driven by her experience in a community that shuns children because of their Orphan or HIV status and seeing children suffering, Carol Dyanti (Mum Carol) felt compelled to help the many children that came to her for help. In 2003 Carol set up Ikageng Itireleng, then rallied the community and urged companies and anyone who would listen, for assistance in caring for the orphaned children she had become a mother to.

Currently, Ikageng Itireleng operates as a community outreach project, which over the years has served more than 1700 Orphaned and Vulnerable Children in child-headed households throughout Soweto. The number of orphans cared for has increased rapidly since the start of the project and the urgent need for care love and support is growing.

On average there is one child to up six children per household and that older child is forced by circumstances to assume the role of a parent. They have seen first hand the true devastation of AIDS. Ikageng provides mentoring; life skills and counseling to help children in these households grow into well-developed adults who can contribute to their community. Siblings continue to live together in their homes, creating strong sibling solidarity and promoting the family structure. Through the provision of basic needs such as food, clothing, transportation, water, electricity, school fees, healthcare and transport, AATC helps Ikageng relieve some of the pressure and despair faced by these young children, who, having lost their parents, must take on adult roles way too early in life.

Others have either a terminally ill parent while some survive with their grandparents who are themselves struggling to meet their own needs.

According to current estimates, AIDS has orphaned more than 2.1 million South African children.

There are two links to beautiful videos below that give much more information about Bobbi bears and Ikageng, they are VERY worth watching to really get the feel of these incredible organizations.  Please watch

Operation Bobbibear video            Ikageng and Mom Carol

Its a dangerous world for children, and worldwide our leaders seem to care less about the welfare of the needy and more about furthering corporate culture, please help me, and Arms Around the Child provide the funding and care that our leaders are not

Please donate today to help me fund these incredible women and their organizations for another year

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